Wide range of renewable energy solutions. One trusted partner.

After three decades of commitment to cutting-edge technologies, Comtrade Distribution is expanding its portfolio with the distribution of solar technology equipment. The business, which was founded two years ago, is getting momentum: we have already supplied our partners with more than 30 MW of solar facilities through 2022. The size of our organization and the wealth of experience enables us to provide a diverse range of products, solutions, and services, as well as commission ground and roof projects for corporate clients.

A strong distributor
with an unparalleled network

We are ideally positioned to enter the mostly untapped solar market in Adriatics with tremendous potential because of our strong connections with key stakeholders throughout the region, gained during the decades of continuous growth of our IT and CE distribution businesses.


Official projections indicate that the Adriatic region, in which we have strong presence, has 30% greater potential in the solar sector than, for instance, the German market.


Since distributing solar equipment, we have installed over 150MW of solar power plants in collaboration with our partners. With your support, by the end of 2024, we will reach the figure of 300MW, which is equivalent to over 250 football fields. Let's make it happen. Now the ball is in your court


Our engineers proactively engage with our partners in developing the most efficient solutions for our end-buyers, ensuring the best value for money ratio.

We are committed
to solar transition goals

The goal of the "new energy world" is a decarbonized, optimized, and largely decentralized energy environment. Our aim is to provide efficient and sustainable solar equipment, services and know how. On the product side we’re relying on partnerships with trustworthy manufacturers, while on the distribution side we are putting to work our greatest strengths — our strong market presence, broad partner network, sound and stable finances and logistics.

The energy you need to succeed

Solar power solutions are currently in high demand due to growing global interest in renewable energy sources, as the evident instability of current energy production represent one of the most significant challenges facing our generation. Being strongly concerned with environmental issues, we are putting the solar energy on top of our priorities. No matter what your objectives are — energy independence, reducing carbon footprint or corporate sustainability — we're determined to give you the power you need to succeed. And it is solar.

Energy-efficient options for
a better future

Driven by a vision in which solar-generated electricity benefits everyone, we invite you to collaborate with us in creating a sustainable future that benefits the West Balkans' economy, community, and environment.

Let's work together to provide the consumers in the Adriatic region with cleaner, green energy options.